PPSC-Test questions

PPSC-Test questions

Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Test questions for the post of Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) in irrigation department government of Punjab  By Faizan Shakoor

The Following questions were asked in the test conducted on 29-5-2014.
Note:  The Following questions are shared for the upcoming fresh graduates so that they may have an idea about the questions asked in the test.

1) The minimum water content at which soil is still in liquid state

2) In pert the optimistic time is

3) Dengue weather is best controlled in which whether

4) Discharge is 80,000 cusecs and area is 1000 acres then duty will be

5) Odour of water is removed by

6) Free board is actually

7) Gantt charts are used for

8) Meandering depends on

9) Relation between G, S and e is

10) To check the strength of sub grade

11) Formula of uniformity coefficient

12) Flexible pavements are designed by

13) The maximum water content  at which no reduction in volume

14) Irrigation used to lift water by gravity

15) Irrigation used in Pakistan

16)  The main purpose of irrigation in Pakistan is to

17) Water courses emerge from

18) The purpose of side slope in embankment is to

19) Time consumed by activity in cpm is called

20) Marshall test method is used for

21) The purpose of grader in road construction

22) ECP in Project management is used for

23) If 28 days required concrete strength is 100 MPA then its strength after 7 days will be

24) Minimum strength for Prestressed concrete is

25) BOD stands for

26) Slump Test is used to measure

27) The consumptive use of irrigation is calculated by

28) Best formula used for the design of lined canals is

29) True meridian is actually

30) Error in leveling may be due to

31) Losses in water supply are usually

32) Most expensive part during water supply is

33) Yield capacity of well increases with

34) Ratio between long chord of curve to tangent length

35)  Four wheel drive is actually

36) The formula which also gives relation about hydraulic radius

37) Bore hole diameter is………….the diameter of well

38) ‘N’ value in SPT gives information about

39) In flexible pavement load is transferred ultimately to

40) Minimum cover for steel against corrosion

41) A rectangular channel is said to be wide if

42) Self cleansing velocity is maintained in sewer by

43) The roller used for A-6 soil is

44) How can we increase workability of concrete without using moisture content

45) A channel which neither silts nor scours is in

46) The best soil to be used for sub grade is

47) During concrete production in hot weather more than 33 C what will we do

48) Coefficient of creep length

49)  Inverted filter should be how many times to that of depth of sheet pile…..

50) If there is hydraulic jump then we will check for its

51) Shrouding material normally used is

52) Deck slab, girder and pier are the part of

53)  Mangla and Tarbela are

54) Concrete gravity dam is

55) The irrigation system of Pakistan was established in

56) Concrete to be transferred under water level

57) A soil which has equal porosity in all directions is

58) The foundation to be used in water when there is pressure from soil debris, flowing water

59) Lacey silt factor to be used in Upar Bari Doab

60) A well has 30% porosity then its yield will be

61) The sewer which transferred sewage to ultimate disposal point or for treatment is

62) The curve used to change from straight to circular curve is

63) Irrigated water should have PH between

64) If the canal is above the natural drainage then cross drainage structure provided is

65) Effective span of simply supported beam is actually

66) Soil passing will be coarse if the passing and retained respectively is

67) Ratio of lateral strain to linear strain is

68)  Inundation canals can be converted to perennial canal by

69) A motorway is

70) To minimize absorption losses canal should irrigate on

71) An eccentric load will induce ……..

72)  Cement used when there is enormous heat of hydration …….

73)  If wetted perimeter is large, more will be

74)  Isohyets are

75) The yield of well will be decreased if

76) Yield of well increase with

77) The presence of which make the sulphate attack resistance limited in cement

78) Best Canal linning material in “THAR DESERT” is

79) Question about depth of T-beam

80) Question about unit hydrograph

81) Question about coordinates required during road construction

82) Question about bottom of well

83) Question about stress strain diagram of a material

PPSC-Test questions

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