Descon GETP test tips

Descon GETP test tips. Descon GETP (Graduate Engineering Training Program)

By Numair Farooq

Descon GETP test tips

Descon GETP test tips. “The test is usually very simple. It has four parts of 25 questions each. The four sections deal with English Comprehension and Vocabulary, General Knowledge, Quantitative Reasoning and the last section is related to your field of study. Maths in quantitative section and English are quite simple, you can score good if you have taken GAT. Otherwise just do a few practice test from a GAT preparatory book. Descon GETP test tips

Descon GETP test tips. In my test the civil portion was mostly from Geotech. Do revise all your Geotech and Fluid Mechanics manuals before going for the test. For general knowledge take some time to have a good look at atlas. Memorize the capitals of famous countries. And other information like first woman prime minister in the world, first UN secretary general etc Keep asking your friends about the general knowledge section who take test before you.”

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