Interview Questions CnW

Interview Questions Communication and Work Department (CnW) by Faizan Liaquat

1). Tensile strength of good quality bricks. (100psi).
2). What is scouring depth & its formula?
3). What is superelevation & it formula?
4). Slab is designed for shear? (No, in slabs dsn shear check is always ok we dont provide any shear reinforcement in slabs as we provide in beams & columns).
5). Can we use mild steel plates instead of round steel bars?
6). Concrete can take how much tensile strength? (15%).
7). Why we use high strength concrete in prestressed members? (Because we produce high compressive stresses & concrete should be hard enough to take care these stresses).
8). Steel can take how much compressive & tensile stresses? (it is strong both in tension & compression).
9). Types of outlet with names?
10). What is level of service? In whole day it will remain same or will change?
11). How can we make concrete with constant strength with high w/c ratio without use of plasticizer?
12). What is the purpose of bearing pads? (to absorb the shocks of impact loading)
13). What is fish ladder? it is installed at u/s or d/s of river?
14). Draw BMD for different beams?
15). Write names of different components of barrage?
16). Tell me new techniques which are being used for piling?
17). Precast girders ko chamber k liye dsn krte h?
18). In the upcoming elections u r going to vote which party?

Interview Questions CnW

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