Guidelines For Fresh Graduates

16) “Guidelines For Fresh Graduates”

 (Date of Publication = 22nd April, 2014)

Here is an article related to plan their careers for fresh graduates. Guidelines For Fresh Graduates

Dear students, first of all you should know that Civil Engineering is very vast field and there are number of fields associated with it. So it is very important to clear your mind regarding choice of any particular field in Civil Engineering, depending upon your interest. The major fields are Structures, Highways, Geo Tech, Irrigation, Construction Planning and Management, Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering. Each and every field has its own scope but among them Structure is core field as different fields are also associated with it e.g. Construction Planning and Management, Geo tech, Environment etc. Guidelines For Fresh Graduates

In Civil Engineering there are two major industries like Design industry and Construction industry. In Design industry, Engineers design the structural plans of infra structure while in construction industry they execute the construction of infra structures. For joining design industry, you should need to have command on several software for example AutoCAD, Staad, E Tabs, SAFE, SAP and so on. If u want to join construction industry u need to have command on primavera (usually needed for mega projects). Guidelines For Fresh Graduates

Now come to another side. I think just BSc education is not enough in current situation as competition is increasing day by day. Therefore it is better to seek admission in MSc just after graduation, no matter in local or foreign universities, in order to save your time in case you do not get proper job. For joining foreign universities numbers of scholarships are offered for example HEC, Asian Development Bank, MEXT Japan scholarships, Commonwealth scholarships and so on. Guidelines For Fresh Graduates

GRE and TOEFL are mandatory for foreign scholarship so give proper time to its preparation if you want to go foreign for higher studies (I would say please make your mind for foreign education prior to attempting for these tests and do not waste your time unnecessary upon them if you are not serious to go for foreign education). Guidelines For Fresh Graduates

Your CV should be simple and complete in all respects. Lot of samples are there on internet as well as on, you can easily find a suitable format. Guidelines For Fresh Graduates

Well students, all engineers after graduation are fresh and everybody starts from zero so no need to worry about it. One important thing which you need to know is to show patience also if u don’t get suitable jobs at start. Never disappoint if you are jobless for some period of time (if you seek admission in MSc program then you will be relaxed at this time also as you will be satisfied that you are not wasting your time). Guidelines For Fresh Graduates

Another very important thing you should prefer job to pay in start. If u think that any particular job is good for your career then don’t consider pay and do join that particular job. In other words you can say that by adopting this approach you can have better long term planning for your career.

And do apply for each and every job as you will be having experience of written tests and interviews all the time. It will increase your confidence and positive approach towards your career.

Always Hope in Allah and do pray to him for success. Guidelines For Fresh Graduates

Wishing all of you a very bright future ahead. Guidelines For Fresh Graduates

Syed Ameer-ul-Hassan
Deputy District Officer (Roads)

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6 Replies to “Guidelines For Fresh Graduates”

  1. i m not a fresh graduate but after reading ur post i m very thankful to you that all these statements are true and it took 2 years to gather all imformation that u post in your blog.

    • yes. thanks plz refer your friends and juniors to this post so that they can also know this

  2. This article helps me to set a line for my future , I like design but i think I am fit for construction industry as well. the good thing that writer says that keep trying and apply for every job. by doing so we gain a lot .