Etabs & Safe Video Tutorials

ETABS & SAFE Video Tutorials in urdu by Engr. Ali Shan

Following are some of the video tutorials of Etabs for our valuable customers in Urdu and in English. ETABS is a programme for linear, nonlinear, static and dynamic analysis, and the design of building systems. From an analytical standpoint, multi storey buildings constitute a very special class of structures and therefore deserve special treatment. The concept of special programmes for building type structures was introduced over 30 years ago and resulted in the development of the TABS series of computer programmes.To download and Read More about Etabs here 

  1. Etabs & Safe Video tutorials in urdu Part 1
  2. Etabs & Safe Video tutorials in urdu Part 2
  3. Etabs & Safe Video tutorials in urdu Part 3
  4. Etabs & Safe Video tutorials in urdu Part 4
  5. Etabs & Safe Video tutorials in urdu Part 5
  6. Safe Single Footing Design

More Etabs Video Tutorials

Etabs & Safe Video Tutorials

  1. Etabs – 01 Introductory Tutorial
  2. Etabs – 02 Drawing Drafting Controls
  3. Etabs – 03 taggered Trusses
  4. Etabs – 04 Modeling Shear Walls with Openings
  5. Etabs – 05 Designing Shear Walls with openings
  6. Etabs – 06 Shear Wall Design Options
  7. Etabs – 07 Wall Meshing
  8. Etabs – 08 Steel Frame Optimization
  9. Etabs – 09 Linear Ramps
  10. Etabs – 10 Radial Ramps
  11. Etabs – 11 Concrete Frame Design
  12. Etabs – 12 Composite Floor Beams
  13. Etabs – 13 Section Designer
  14. Etabs – 14 Sequential Construction
  15. Etabs – 15 Panel Zone Deformations
  16. Etabs – 16 Auto Edge Constraints
  17. Etabs – 17 Section Cuts

To downloads Etabs software and other softwares. visit this link

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