Surveying and Leveling

Surveying and Leveling

Surveying and Leveling

Surveying and leveling, a subject taught to undergraduate civil engineers in universities. It is no doubt as the most important subject for civil engineers. Being a civil engineer one should know how to carry out survey and how to perform leveling. Their are different techniques available for both of these. Some of them are discussed with solved questions here. These following solved questions of surveying and leveling are provided for all students to understand the problem and the solution.

Solved Questions related to Surveying and Leveling 
Question 1   Question 2   Question 3   Question 4   Question 5   Question 6
Question 7   Question 8  Question 9  Question 10   Question 10+11
Question 11+12   Question 13   Question 14.1   Question 14.2   Question 15   Question 16

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