7 Marla House Plans

7 Marla House Plans

“Marla” is a traditional unit of area that was used in Pakistan, India,and Bangladesh. The marla was standardized under British rule to be equal to the square rod, or 272.25 square feet, 30.25 square yards, or 25.2929 square metres. As such, it was exactly one 160th of an acre. Read More Here

In Rural Areas of Pakistan like villages 1 Marla = 272 square feet whereas in urban areas it is 225 Square feet.

Following are some 7 Marla House Plans including first floor and second floor. These are for you to have an idea about the kind of plan you want to make or choose any plan like these for your own house or for someone else. These 7 Marla House Plans help viewers to choose from a variety of different house plans in order to make a perfect house for themselves. We keep adding more plans with time. so keep visiting this website.

Double storey 7 marla house plan with first and second floor plan
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7 Marla House Plans

7 Marla Ground Floor and First Floor Plan419201365305

7 Marla House Plans, 7 Marla House Plans, 7 Marla House Plans

121 thoughts on “7 Marla House Plans

  1. sir i have 7 merla plot i need a skich of 7 merla map my plot lent is 52 foot and width is 27 foot please help me out for plaining house map

  2. Sir I have a plot of 6.7 Marla I need for it mape drawing for construction
    widget 46.5 back north to south
    widget 42.5 front north to south
    length 37.75 east to west
    length 44.5 east to west main gate at east side corner

  3. Your designs are wonderful. Can you favor me to share a design with following details:

    35×70 (9 Marla)
    Corner Plot

    Exterior design something like old houses of 70s and 80s

  4. Hi sir i need one nice plan for 40 × 90 pls with maximam beds can you email me i m greatfull to you

  5. Aslam-o-Alekom,
    Dear Deam,
    I have 7.5 Marlas plot with the dimension of 45×35. I need House Plan/Map for Ground, First, Second and Roof top.


  6. Please help me i have 7.2 Marla Plot having with 28.3″ front and 70 feet length please give me proposal of map home constructions…Thanks Aamir

  7. Assalam O Alaikum
    Please give a single story 8 marla house plan with two bedrooms, drawing dining, lounge and store. Porch suitable for two car parking. stairway leading to mumty from inside .

  8. hi one kanal plot in AWT 2 looking for some plan with swimming pool in/out door covered area in between 7 /10 Marla with the cost of construction i be thankful to you

  9. Dear Brother,
    I have 45×40 size Plot in Lahore and want to contraction could you please send me your plan and exp etcc.

  10. Asslam o Allakum sir I have 29’x60′ plot
    Front is 29feet
    I need double story house design map and also coast…..
    Thanks for Big favour….

  11. hi dear,
    Please help me to make, home about 7 Marla , double story, 38.5 ft X 40 ft

    thanks & Regards,

    Manzoor Hussain

  12. i have plot of 30×56 please send me a map in witch i want two bed room one drawing room three bathroom one kitchen and one lounge

  13. Dear,

    I want to build a double story house measuring 30 X 60 i.e. 7 Marlas, I need a good open design that should be ventilated because this requirement is for my personal use.

  14. Hi,

    I have a 30*60 plot and want to build a double storey house on it. Its in Islamabad so CDA laws apply i.e. 6 feet to be left open at front and back.

    Each storey should have 2 beds, drawing dining and a tv lounge. I want the lounge on ground to be spacious and should have complete TV wall.

    Ideas would be much appreciated.

  15. I have plat of 7 marla with dimensions of 61 feet length and 31 feet width, not a corner plot. front road 30 feet. kindly share some idea of map i want to construct it.

  16. I have 56ft 3in. Length and 26ft 7 in.
    Its a corner plot . North and east are closed. South street width is 5ft 4in.
    West Street width is 6ft 7in.
    Accommodation required :
    Ground floor:
    1. 2 bedrooms
    2. Drawing room with attached bath.
    3. Tv lounge of intermediate size.
    4. Open kitchen attached to tv lounge.
    5. One bathroom attached with tv lounge and with one bedroom.

    2nd floor :
    1. 3 bedrooms .
    2. Closed kitchen.
    3. One bathroom.
    4. Open hall .
    5. 1 balcony .

    Kindly send me the map of house.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

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